I keep these photo sessions for the newlyweds, loose, fun, and short (because they’re well planned on my end and I’ve already got the details of the shots I have in mind worked out and in place before you even get there). Here are some photographs of newlyweds on their wedding days. Enjoy!

I’ve found that couples on their wedding day have little time nor patience for complicated lighting setups and arduous posing to get their posture, chins, eyes, arms hands and what have you in exactly the right place. What I can do for you is loose, fun, fast, and always turns out really cool. I LOVE cool lighting and all that stuff, don’t get me wrong. I’ve just gotten really good at doing it VERY quickly with a bare minimum of fuss.

Bridal Portraits – (and let’s not forget the Groom!)

I can take care of shooting some traditional bridal portraits on the wedding day to make Mom and Grandma happy, then we can do some fashion forward stuff if time permits. It all depends on how much time couples allocate for me to do my thing. (I don’t need much time at all really, most often, I shoot bridals during the preparation time period of wedding day coverage). Let’s not forget the Groom! I get good shots of the Groom before the ceremony if he’s into it.

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