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Yorktown Virginia Wedding Photographer – Christine & Carrick – 6-26-2011

Yorktown Virginia Wedding Photographer Bill Murray

Christine & Carrick - Married June 26th, 2011

Christine always wanted to get married in her Grandparent’s yard, and she got her wish last Sunday when she and Carrick tied the knot in a really BEAUTIFUL backyard wedding in Yorktown, Virginia. Now, this wasn’t a small back yard…it was pretty GINORMOUS in fact. 🙂 A really gorgeous setting on the water in Yorktown and a great compliment of professional vendors to help everything run smoothly.

Here’s a slide show below of some images I selected from Christine and Carrick’s wedding photos below! Enjoy the show!

I also had the pleasure of doing Christine and Carrick’s engagement photos! They were all about doing a “Trash The Couple Session” so that’s what we did! You can view some photos from that session here !

I’ve got a BIG wedding to shoot on Saturday this weekend and a BIG wedding to shoot on Sunday this weekend too! Shannon and Tom, then Meghan and Kyle, YOU’RE NEXT! 🙂

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One thought on “Yorktown Virginia Wedding Photographer – Christine & Carrick – 6-26-2011

  1. Bill Murray says:

    Had a great time shooting Christine & Carrick’s back yard wedding (think about 20 normal sized back yard here though) up in Yorktown! There’s was a pretty MONUMENTAL CAKE FIGHT at this one, fortunately the bride and groom were NOT involved. (yes, I got LOTS of photos) 🙂

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