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Wedding Photography Portfolio Update for 2012 by Bill Murray – Virginia Beach

I’ve just completed redoing my wedding photography portfolio galleries! It’s always difficult to decide what I want to show in this format because I lean toward a “more is better” approach to the images that I choose.

I like to show images from MANY different weddings. This enables you to see lots of different couples, flowers, venues, lighting conditions, cakes, transportation, dresses, tuxes, times of day and night, decor, and many other things you might be trying to decide on as you also look for a wedding photographer, rather than just a few shots from categories I chose to show you.

I think this also gives you a better feel for what you’d see in wedding coverage if I were to shoot YOUR wedding.

Here are the updates in the wedding photography categories I like to separate things in below. Enjoy! :

You can also just use the menu above to navigate to all the categories if you’d like the read the write ups I’ve written for each category. From this page, all you’ll see is the photos without my commentary.

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