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Watermans Virginia Beach Wedding Photography of Jessica & Jon – 10.6.12

Watermans Virginia Beach Wedding Photography of Jessica & Jon – 10.6.12 (or, if you prefer, the night of the Watermans Orange Crush-fest!) What a blast this wedding was! Jessica and Jon are funny, down to earth, fun loving, crazy (in a good way) people that happen to be cut from the same cloth as their parents, siblings, and have managed to accumulate friends that were also cut from that same cloth. In other words, it was a real “barn burner” so to speak. Watermans is a really GREAT place for a party, and if you’re a fan of their famous (or infamous) “Orange Crush” beverage? It’s perfect. The upstairs area will comfortably handle a good size gaggle of wedding revelers with plenty of room for the buffet.

They even had our photo booth at this one. You can get more info on the photo booth at Valentine Photo Booth – Trish Jones More fun than a barrel of monkeys filled with orange crush, fo-sho!

Enjoy the slide show and drop me a line if you’re looking for a wedding photographer for YOUR Watermans Virginia Beach wedding (or for a wedding anywhere!)!

If you’d like to view these photos individually, you can see them on my wedding photography blog or on my wedding photography facebook fan page . 🙂

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