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Norfolk Wedding Photography of Sarah & Bill – 10-19-13

greek wedding photography in norfolk

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral was the setting for the COMPLETELY memorable off the chain crazy fun Greek Wedding of Sarah and Bill! When I got home from the wedding last night, I STILL had rice IN MY SHOES! (when I shot their exit from the church, I neglected to remember that at some Greek weddings, rice isn’t simply tossed into the air, it’s HURLED with EXTREME force. Needless to say, being that I was trying to navigate my way into the fray as I do, I had it down my shirt (which made it’s way down my pants, and eventually into my shoes), bouncing off my face, camera, arms, details details details) I got a free rice exfoliation! (I was laughing my a$$ off).

Hard to tell this story without writing a book! There was just SO much going on all the time, it’s a good thing I’m extremely quick, and I can anticipate when things are going to happen, because happen they did. I’ve never seen so much cash flying around in the air at a Greek wedding. If the catering staff hadn’t kept up with it, it would have been ankle deep on a really big dance floor.

Even when I was shooting getting ready images at Sarah’s home, all the groomsmen arrived to fill her shoes with money. To say These guys “made it rain” would be an understatement.

This wedding was a TOTAL blast. Sarah a Bill’s wedding was held in it’s entirety at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Granby street in Norfolk. It’s ALWAYS great to see Palette Of Petals doing the floral. I shot Shannon’s wedding (co-owner) a bunch of years ago. She and her sister Mary do a GREAT job. My off the chain AMAZING wife Trish brought Valentine Photo Booth which got a real workout. These folks were obviously photo booth professionals. They had a blast when they weren’t dancing in piles of money. haha

All of the Greek Wedding traditions REALLY made this one a gig I will ALWAYS remember. FANTASTIC couple with 200+ family and friends all there to REALLY celebrate. This wedding was a 10 out of 10. Congratulations Sarah and Bill!

greek wedding photography in norfolk

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4 thoughts on “Norfolk Wedding Photography of Sarah & Bill – 10-19-13

  1. Patrick Kirchner says:

    What a great shot!!!

  2. Laura Feinstein Rogers says:

    What a celebration it was!

  3. Melina Christodoulou Kapotis says:

    Amazing Wedding! Love them both!

  4. Mary Hancock says:

    Love this photograph!!

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