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Sandbridge Wedding Photos of Lauren and Kurt

Sparklers for bride and groom exit in Sandbridge

Sandbridge is a great place for a wedding in Virginia Beach. If you’re planning a wedding and want an informal vibe, toes in the sand, tons of options, great views, swimming pools at the reception, this is the place to go. Lauren and Kurt held their wedding at the South end of Sandbridge in a great big rental house right on the beach. Like any outdoor wedding, you have to roll the dice with the weather. And, this day, the weather wasn’t ideal. But, when you think about it, the most important thing is what you’re there for, not the presence of liquid sunshine and some wicked winds. (but, those definitely play a factor in outdoor wedding photos) 😉

I could tell from their engagement session that Lauren and Kurt were pretty easy breezy, and this was a great attribute to have on a day where meltdown potential was in the cards due to the weather. But, everything turned out fantastic. I’ve always though it true that it’s not what you can get out a party, it’s what you bring to the party that’s most important. These two came to get married and to have their families and friends witness it. That happened, and it was great! Enjoy the photos!

Sandbridge Wedding Photos of Lauren and Kurt

lauren putting her jewelry on
wedding first kiss photo
sandbridge wedding couple feet in the sand
wedding photo in the sandbridge dunes
wedding rings
bride smashes cake in grooms face
stormy day in Sandbridge at the wedding
Sparklers for bride and groom exit in Sandbridge

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