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Samantha & Skylar’s Water Table Virginia Beach Wedding Photography – 9.15.12

This slideshow depicts Wedding Photography at The Water Table in Virginia Beach, with a ceremony held at Sandbridge Beach.

Samantha and Skylar held their wedding ceremony on a bright sunny day on Sandbridge Beach. This couple were a as cute as they come and had some very interesting traditions to bring to this area. One of them was “The Burying of the Bourbon”. To hear them tell it, if you bury a good bottle of bourbon at the site of your wedding ceremony one month before the date of your wedding. The weather on your wedding day will be perfect. So, Skylar and his brother traveled to Sandbridge a month before the wedding and buried a bottle of bourbon in the sand at the ceremony site. Of course, after the ceremony, the bottle is exhumed and everyone in the wedding party partakes in a big swig of bourbon right after the ceremony. Fun, right? (a few of the girls in the wedding party made some really interesting faces when that really warm whiskey hit their throat, really funny).

The wedding reception was held at The Water Table in Virginia Beach. Right on Rudee Inlet on the marina. What a gorgeous day, and a really FUN wedding. Friends and family were every bit as nice as the couple and I’d have to rate the “party factor” a full 10.

I hope you enjoyed the slide show of Samantha & Skylar’s wedding photography shot at the Water Table in Virginia Beach with Ceremony held at Sandbridge Beach!

If you’d like to view these wedding photos taken at The Water Table and Sandbridge Beach individually, you can see them on my wedding photography blog or on my wedding photography facebook fan page . 🙂

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