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OBX Wedding Photos of Alison and Patrick

obx wedding photo surf in the background

Alison and Patrick got married in the OBX of North Carolina at the Village Beach Club . You’d think that “Hey! What could happen? It’ll be great! Ceremony on the beach, dolphins and pelicans, maybe even a unicorn!”. Well, there’s this thing called RAIN. And we’re not talking about a little rain. We’re talking about a deluge sent by the wedding Gods to remind us humans who’s really in charge.

Here’s a few OBX Wedding Photos of Alison and Patrick. You’ll notice in the first photo that the couple looks like it was about 900 degrees outside. Nope. That is just an extremely WET couple after the rain moved through right before the processional. I have to hand it to Alison. She marched down that beach in the rain like she owned it.

The rainbow was awesome. As you can see in the 3rd photo. I got some great shots during the ceremony with the rainbow in the background of the couple too. (bonus! my cameras were fine!) Enjoy the

OBX Wedding Photos


obx wedding photos rained out ceremony
obx wedding photo surf in the background
obx wedding photo with a rainbow

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