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Lesner Inn Wedding Photography of Gretchen & Sam – 5-30-2011

lesner inn wedding photography of gretchen and sam

Gretchen & Sam Married May 30th, 2011

The Lesner Inn is one of my favorite venues to shoot weddings and if you go through my wedding photography blog and do a search for “lesner” you’re going to see a great many photos from this awesome waterfront wedding and event venue.

Gretchen and Sam were married at the Lesner Inn on Memorial Day! It was a VERY VERY HOT day! I just LOVED doing this wedding. Gretchen and Sam are both great people and their children are also some pretty awesome young adults. This was a truly a “celebration” of EPIC proportions!

I had the pleasure of shooting a sunset beach family portrait session of Gretchen and Sam’s new family the day before the wedding and getting to know everyone well during that shoot was truly a pleasure! FUN group!

I’m asked many times each season to shoot 2nd and subsequent weddings. The potential client seems to nearly always say the same thing. “1. I love your work” (That’s Awesome! Thanks!) “2. Are you available for my date?” (Let me check…….Yep! I am!) Then, we always get to the part that makes me laugh a little bit. “3. We’ve both been married before, sorta been there and done that, and we want great photos but we’re not sure we really need “ALL THAT STUFF” and “it’s going to be a really small wedding so it’s not going to be that much work” and there’s a whole bunch of other things that just make me laugh! 🙂

I treat EACH AND EVERY wedding with the same amount of care and concern regardless of what number it is for a client. I treat it like it’s THE ONLY WEDDING they’re every going to have.

Many times, when more “experienced” couples get married they have children, and in many cases that I’ve done, their children have children. The families are HUGE and EXTENDED.

So, what this means for me, is that there are going to be MANY more formal groupings to attend to and there is going to be request after request after request for different combinations of photos which require my eye, my experience, and my technical ability to arrange, light properly, and shoot.

Each hour of shooting time STILL takes 3-4 hours behind the computer to process. So, if you have 6 hours of coverage that means I’m working on shooting for 6 hours, then processing for 18-24 hours on top of that. That’s just the bare minimum of time spent. Then there’s retouching, album design, and all that good stuff that takes even more time post production.

So, EVERY wedding that I do presents a different challenge, but they ALL get treated like it’s your ONLY wedding because even if it’s number 2, or number 10, it’s still a “once in a lifetime event” and I don’t take things like that lightly.

For one thing, I think that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You deserve the VERY BEST that I can do for you. I deliver that, each and every time. So, now I’m OFF my soap box. 🙂

Once I’m done editing this wedding you’ll be able to view more images from Gretchen and Sam’s Lesner Inn Wedding on my wedding photography blog or on my facebook page .

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