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Virginia Beach Wedding Photography of Kristina & Rob – 6-29-13

virginia beach wedding photography

The Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center was the setting for the wedding of Kristina and Rob right on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This great couple had been together for quite a while and decided it was high time to make it “official” so to speak. The ceremony was right on beach and was full of some great moments of laughter, tears, and animated facial expressions from both Kristina and Rob. It was one of those weddings that had me tearing up in the eye cups of my cameras which makes it difficult but not impossible to frame correctly (I managed!). The reception was laid back and full of deep conversations and lots of food, drink and dancing as the evening wound down. I made sure to make the couple aware of the spectacular sunset that was underway, I could see the reflection off the building next door in the windows. So, they wanted to go out on the beach to see it (which resulted in some great photos too). Congratulations to Kristina and Rob!

virginia beach wedding photography

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