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Norfolk Botanical Gardens Wedding Photography of Kate & Jere – 10-12-13

norfolk botanical gardens wedding photography

Norfolk Botanical Gardens was the setting for Kate & Jere’s wedding. The ceremony was scheduled to be in the Renaissance Court, and it was raining off and on. While the rain site was being prepared in the Rotunda, Kate (the bride) made a “hero call’. She had dreamed of the wedding in that garden, and she was going to have it. Rain or no rain. So, I ran to my car, got the rain gear for MY GEAR out of the trunk and got it ready to shoot in the rain. I had Jenn Kelly assisting me at this one, and fortunately I had extra “gear rain gear” for her rigs too. It was a really great ceremony, and while there was a constant drizzle, there were no periods of HEAVY rain during the ceremony. The delay caused by the location flip left us in near darkness after the ceremony, but I was able to pull off a quick wedding party shot by cranking up the ISO and being able to hold my camera still like a tripod (which takes MANY YEARS of practice). Gorgeous wedding! The reception was a barn burner. They had our Photo Booth there and the DJ kept everyone dancing all night long. Our favorite florist Bloom the Art of Flowers did a great job as did Blue Steel lighting design. Baker Hall looked gorgeous. Congratulations to Kate and Jere!

norfolk botanical gardens wedding photography

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