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Ghent Engagement Photos of Allison and Niel – Norfolk Virginia

depth of field shot in ghent

Allison and Niel decided they wanted their engagement photos done in Ghent, that cool little enclave in Norfolk, Virginia. It means something to them, they live there, the places they go together are there, it seemed like a great idea for them. I like it when a couple has an opinion about the location for their engagement session! That’s great! Interesting tidbit of insider information. Niel is one of the owners of the Young Veterens Brewing Company . I hear that products of his work will be making an appearance at the wedding. (*SHOCKER!*) Here are few photos from their engagement session in Ghent.

In keeping with my promise to myself, I’m only going to post a few of my favorites and very few words from the events I publish. I’m a busy guy behind the camera, I don’t want to spend my life behind a computer. Allison and Neil will be having their wedding at The Chrysler Museum of Art which is definitely keeping their wedding within walking distance of their house. Great thinking!

ghent engagement photo near the water
depth of field shot in ghent
cheesy engagement photo in ghent
sitting in a tree in ghent

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