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Engagement Photos – Becky and Wick – First Landing State Park – Virginia Beach

Engagement photos at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach offer TONS of options. I love that place. There’s a little bit of everything scenery wise (except for mountains, and that’s ok with me, it’s usually pretty cold on top of those things). I took a ton of pictures, had a great sunset, and nobody fell in the water. That’s a great day! Here’s a few of their engagement photos I like best from this session.

I’m going to go with the thought that a pictures is worth a 1000 words. So, I’m going to write very little, and just post a few pictures from events I shoot. WAY less overwhelming to me. I know I “could” wax poetic on each post and bombard the web with my work, but I feel that posting TOO MANY photos dilutes the work. So, pardon the brevity, and enjoy the view.

Becky and Wick at First Landing State Park
Becky and Wick at Sunset at First Landing State Park
Beck and Wick at their engagement session in First Landing State park

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