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Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia Wedding Photography of Randi & Colby – 5-21-2011

contemporary arts center wedding photograph of randi and colby

Randi & Colby - Married May 21st, 2011

Randi & Colby were married May 21st, 2011 at the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia on Parks Ave in Virginia Beach! I was recommended by Irene from the Contemporary Arts Center to Randi & Colby to do their wedding photography. I really LOVE shooting weddings at the Contemporary Arts Center! There’s so much to “play with” visually and the expansive space gives everyone plenty of room to mix it up with the other guests. (it also is perfect for my sniper like shooting style, lots of places to hide!) 😉

The ceremony and reception were both held in the Atrium of the Contemporary Arts Center while the cocktail hour was done in Rodriguez Pavilion.

Right On Band provided half the musical entertainment while a DJ did all the master of ceremonies duties and “formal events” of the reception. It was a great mix and they worked together very well!

It was a beautiful ceremony and a rocking reception! (I can always tell when people are having a blast at a wedding by the number of images I end up shooting, and I shot A LOT of images at this wedding)

Once I finish editing this Contemporary Arts Center wedding I’ll post more images on my Facebook Page and on my Wedding Photography Blog . Enjoy!

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