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Clare & Evan’s Wedding – Nimmo Church – Shifting Sands Virginia Beach – 6.16.12

Clare and Evan were married on 6.16.12 at the historic Nimmo Church then held their wedding reception at the Shifting Sands Club on Damn Neck base in Virginia Beach. I was a little dismayed when I arrived at the church and was told that they were not going to allow ANY photography of the wedding ceremony. (church rules). Sometimes, things work in mysterious ways. I didn’t argue, make a fuss, plead my case, assure them of my qualifications and professionalism. I simply said “I understand, I know that perhaps someone else made a spectacle of him / herself and you don’t want to compromise the dignity and sanctity of the ceremony today. Please let me know if I can help in any way since I won’t be shooting.” Then, I just setup to be a spectator. A few minutes before the ceremony, the woman who was DEFINITELY in charge of things at Nimmo walked up to me and said “the celebrant said it would be fine for YOU to take photos during the ceremony, just please be discreet and quiet.” Outside, I kept my cool. Inside, I was being a goofball and high fiving imaginary someones. That was BEYOND cool. *stoked!*

This couple and their friends and families couldn’t have been any nicer. Just a pleasure to work with and be around. Ceremony was great, photos on the beach went great, reception was a lot of fun too. Home run!

Enjoy the slide show and drop me a line if you’re looking for a Virginia Beach wedding photographer for YOUR Nimmo Church or Shifting Sands wedding (or for a wedding anywhere!)!

If you’d like to view these wedding photos individually, you can see them on my wedding photography blog or on my wedding photography facebook fan page . 🙂

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