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Chrysler Museum of Art Wedding Photography of Kelly & Josh – Norfolk, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Kelly and Josh were married at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA on November 19th, 2011! It’s always such a pleasure when you can “feel the love” between a couple even when they’re not in the same room with each other. That’s the vibe you get (if you have a radar like mine) when you’re around either of these two. Doing their wedding photography was a blast! Couple that with enthusiastic families and friends, an amazing venue like the Chrysler Museum, some slick up lighting, great music and decor, an AMAZINGLY fun Valentine Photo Booth , and all the ingredients are there for a barn burner of a wedding! (and that’s exactly what this one was!)

Kelly and Josh hired me after seeing my work for friends of theirs at another wedding I shot back in April (for Melanie and Kyle). I get A LOT of my bookings this way.

I hope you enjoyed the slide show of Kelly and Josh’s wedding photography shot at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk!

We also had our Valentine Photo Booth at this wedding! EVERYONE got in the booth at some point during the wedding.

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