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Amanda & Adam’s Wedding Photography – Smithfield Center – 7.14.12

Amanda and Adam were married on 7.14.12 at the Smithfield Center in Smithfield, VA. I had met this couple at two other weddings that I shot, and I have to admit that I put a bug in their ear about shooting their wedding. This is one of those couples that have what I like to call “sparkle”. Physical appearance has nothing to do with “sparkle”. It’s just the way they carry themselves, interact with others, their energy (and yes, that has SOMETHING to do with the dance floor, but that’s just one of the energy factors). They’re just really good, really nice, really FUN people. I was really happy they hired me, and doing their photos was every bit as fun as I knew it would be. (even though it was AFRICA HOT on their wedding day, and it was an outside ceremony). Worth every bit of the 5 pounds I couldn’t afford to lost on THAT day alone) 😉

Enjoy the slideshow!

If you’d like to view these wedding photos individually, you can see them on my wedding photography blog or on my wedding photography facebook fan page . 🙂

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