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Affordable Norfolk Zoo Wedding Photos of Amy and Ben

Amy and Ben got married at the Norfolk Zoo on May 13th, 2017! I shot their engagement session last year at Granby High School where a big part of their theme was “Lois and Clark” (which is the first photo you’ll see below). The wedding had quite a bit of Lois and Clark theme to it and they pulled it off wonderfully. This was a great crowd of “Academics” for lack of a better term. VERY SMART people would be the overall description of the crowd.

Jason 2nd shot with me on this wedding and he played around with his 20MM lens throughout the wedding. That was a fun experiment. He was able to grab some great wide angle shots which added greatly to their coverage.

The Norfolk Zoo is a great place for a wedding! I’ve done a few there in the past and it’s one of those venues you don’t rattle off on a mental list when you’re thinking about it until you get reminded by being booked to shoot there. It’s a fantastic place with tons of interesting places to shoot.

Enjoy the photos!

Affordable Norfolk Zoo Wedding Photos of Amy and Ben

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