How do you define a wedding day “moment”? For me it’s when a shot is NAILED that will never, ever happen again the same way. Unposed, unrehearsed, not discussed, things that just “happen”. These moments are PRICELESS.

Wedding Pictures

Funny wedding pictures, romantic wedding pictures, joy, sorrow, love, admiration and pride, flirty expressions, tears, the list goes on and on. It’s the emotional pixie dust that makes the magic between a bride and groom make each wedding unique, and their wedding pictures like a fingerprint. No two sets are ever the same.

Candid Wedding Photography

Weddings are a target rich environment for a shooter like me, and your wedding photos will be as unique as you are. Skilled candid wedding photography isn’t simply shooting thousands of photos hoping to “get a good one”. For me, it’s instinct, anticipation, positioning, lens selection, experience, stealth, compassion and empathy, being able to “see” emotion by “feeling” it. It’s thoroughly understanding light, what my cameras are capable of, what I’m capable of, and the dynamics of everyone gathered to celebrate the wedding of the bride and groom. Good candid wedding photography is a skill, and I’m grateful to have it.

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