Wedding ceremony photos have changed an awful lot (for the better) over the last few years. Not too long ago, cameras just weren’t capable of producing great quality photos in dark churches. With the cameras I carry now, I’m able to push the ISO (the light sensitivity of the camera) up extremely high. This enables me to shoot fast, without a tripod if I’m hand holding the camera, and without flash (so capturing wedding ceremony photos remains unobtrusive). I’m extremely respectful of wedding ceremonies. You will not ever see me buzzing around a couple in the midst of their wedding vows. I choose my locations carefully to shoot from and I use very long, very fast, and very very expensive lenses to document wedding ceremonies.

I cover multiple angles easily with the use of remotely operated cameras on tripods and my 2nd shooter. You’ll get a great many wonderful photos from your wedding ceremony from me, and you and your guests probably won’t even notice that I was there. That’s the way I like to do it. I want to be as invisible as I possibly can, but I will always get “the shot” within the guidelines set forth by the celebrant of the wedding ceremony. I have ample experience to handle any situation. Here are some examples of my wedding ceremony photos below. Enjoy!

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