Bill is an amazing photographer with an impeccable sense of capturing even the smallest moment and making it special and beautiful.

Going into our Lesner Inn wedding, Daniel and I wanted someone who would take a few necessary photos, and otherwise shoot from a photojournalistic point of view, capturing the candid moments more than setting them up – and that’s exactly what he did.

Bill and his assistants have the ability and willingness to mold themselves to your exact wishes. He is a hilarious man, and you can’t help but be relaxed and comfortable with him, which makes for some great pictures. Looking at our photos for the first time, I can honestly say that there wasn’t one picture that we didn’t love, and they told the true story of our entire day, not just bits and pieces.

Bill pays attention to detail, and being able to look back on our photos from our Lesner Inn wedding and see the pieces of the night that we had missed and he had not was so awesome. Not only is he a wonderful photographer and a true artist, but he is extremely professional, easy to work with, and efficient. After experiencing his work, I have chosen to work with him on my maternity photos, our children’s photos, and will continue to call him for any shoot we find that we want or need. He is (and will always be) highly recommended by us to everyone for his incredible work.

– Tara & Daniel

lesner inn wedding photo dancing

lesner inn wedding photo photojournalistic

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