Your wedding day will fly by. All that planning, all that money…gone in an instant. And after everything is said and done, all you’ll have left from that day are the memories and the pictures (and hopefully an awesome person to spend the rest of your life with).

Photography should be at the top of your priority list and Bill is simply the best. I say this as a born researcher. I research everything anyone says about anything and when it came to my wedding, I researched twice as hard. I analyzed every photographer I could find in the Virginia Beach area and narrowed it down to 3 photographers which I thought had the highest quality photos. Bill was the most reasonably priced of the 3 so I went with him. But after actually working with him, I realize there is a more important element about Bill that I couldn’t possibly learn through research that truly sets him apart from everyone else: he makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Take a moment to look closely at the couples in Bill’s pictures and you’ll see it in their faces – it isn’t forced. This is what separates pretty wedding pictures from beautiful wedding pictures.

I highly recommend doing your engagement pictures with him as well so you can establish that comfortable relationship before-hand. From the moment you meet him, you’ll instantly feel a sense of trust and friendship and your pictures will turn out beautiful because of it.

– Sam & Skylar

wedding picture at the water table on the waterfront

wedding picture of water table wedding

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