Sam & Skylar – The Water Table Virginia Beach

wedding photo of sam and skylar at the water table in virginia beachYour wedding day will fly by. All that planning, all that money…gone in an instant. And after everything is said and done, all you’ll have left from that day are the memories and the pictures (and hopefully an awesome person to spend the rest of your life with).

Photography should be at the top of your priority list and Bill is simply the best. I say this as a born researcher. I research everything anyone says about anything and when it came to my wedding, I researched twice as hard. I analyzed every photographer I could find in the Virginia Beach area and narrowed it down to 3 photographers which I thought had the highest quality photos. Bill was the most reasonably priced of the 3 so I went with him. But after actually working with him, I realize there is a more important element about Bill that I couldn’t possibly learn through research that truly sets him apart from everyone else: he makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Take a moment to look closely at the couples in Bill’s pictures and you’ll see it in their faces – it isn’t forced. This is what separates pretty wedding pictures from beautiful wedding pictures.

I highly recommend doing your engagement pictures with him as well so you can establish that comfortable relationship before-hand. From the moment you meet him, you’ll instantly feel a sense of trust and friendship and your pictures will turn out beautiful because of it.

Lauren & Thomas – Norfolk Women’s Club

norfolk womens club wedding picture of couple on the stepsWe did a lot of research and looked through pages and pages of different photographers’ websites before choosing Bill to do our Norfolk Women’s Club wedding photos. It was definitely worth all of the searching!  Bill is so personable and very creative and knowledgable about what he does. He produces quality photos and he captured moments we never even knew he took! He really makes you feel as if he’s just another friend who’s there celebrating your wedding with you. He made sure we were taken care of throughout all the wedding craziness, and my husband and I even noticed him pouring a cup of punch for one of our nieces who couldn’t quite reach the table!One thing I was afraid of at the beginning was that we might feel awkward in front of the camera and a person we hardly knew. But Bill’s easy-going personality makes the whole experience absolutely comfortable and FUN while producing amazing, professional photos.Bill did a fantastic job at capturing our wedding in a unique and beautiful way!

Thanks Bill!   Lauren & Thomas


Brooke & Ryan – Chrysler Museum

wedding photograph of brooke and ryan at chrysler museum in norfolk, virginiaAmazing photos, awesome personality, and all around great guy! Bill is fun to work with and keeps things running smoothly and on time. I couldn’t have been happier with my photos. He knew what we wanted and made sure to get mostly candid shots, as my husband and I aren’t big fans of the “staged pictures.” Everyone LOVES the pictures and I have recommended him to everyone I know!






Julia & Bryan – Watermans Virginia Beach

Watermans wedding photo of julia and bryan in virginia beachBill’s combination of professionalism and relaxed demeanor impressed us from the start. We wanted a photojournalistic approach and that’s exactly what Bill delivered. I’m not comfortable in front of a camera, but I was able to forget that Bill was there and the shots he produced were fantastic. I was most impressed with the album he laid out of our day. He was able to tell the story of our special day with pictures and the results were amazing. I would recommend Bill Murray to anyone who needs a wedding photographer!





Amanda & Eddie – Breezy Point Officer’s Club, Virginia Beach

wedding photo from breezy point officers club of amanda and eddieBill captured all of our treasured moments. He did an amazing job of telling the story of our special day through his beautiful photo, right down to my husband wiping my tear during our vows. He is skilled in his craft and worked well under time constraints. We were in a race against the rain and he managed to organize family and bridal party efficiently to ensure we finished before the sky fell out.






Kate & Jere – Norfolk Botanical Gardens Baker Hall

norfolk botanical gardens wedding picture of first dance in baker hallBill Murray captured our Norfolk Botanical Gardens Wedding and was amazing! The pictures he took were beautiful and absolutely captured how much fun I wanted our wedding to be. My mother (the pickiest woman on the planet) was floored by the quality of the pictures and raved about how awesome they turned out.He was so adaptive with the misty weather, but was completely prepared, and I appreciated it more than anyone could know.

With ninja like skills, it made my husband and I wonder “I don’t even remember him taking that photo?” which definitely caught some of the candid moments of the evening! I will always cherish the photos he took and hang them in my home with pride. So thank you, thank you, thank you Bill Murray!



Erin & Nathan – Founders Inn Virginia Beach

founders inn wedding photo of erin and nathan in virginia beachWe can’t say enough about Bill Murray!! From the first time we checked out his blog and website we knew he would be a great match for us. Not only does he do amazing work – but he’s got a great personality to go along with it. At our engagement shoot we were a bit nervous to be in front of the camera, but Bill’s fun personality quickly put us at ease and we ended up having a blast!

As for our wedding day, we couldn’t think of anyone else we would have wanted to share that day with. We felt so natural and comfortable around Bill, and not only is he an awesome guy, but he does AMAZING work! We have received so many compliments on all of our wedding photos, but even better than the compliments is the fact that we can look back at our photos and relive the emotions of that day.

Bill captures so much more in a photo than we would have ever thought. He truly captured the spirit of our wedding day and we are just so thankful that we put our wedding memories in his hands! His style and quality of work are just amazing and exactly what we were hoping for (and more!)

He’s also kind of hilarious:) Thank you so much Bill! We look forward to working with you again in the future!

– Erin & Nathan

Amanda & Mike – Norfolk Botanical Gardens

norfolk botanical gardens wedding photo of amanda and mikeBill Murray photographed my Norfolk Botanical Gardens wedding and the following reception. I am still waiting to see how the photos turned out, but if they are anything like work of his I have previously seen I know I wont be let down.He and his assistant worked hard throughout the evening and believe me, they were NOT intrusive at all! I spoke with my guests and everyone agreed these two were ninjas… people barely noticed them. In addition to being an amazing photographer, Bill Murray has a wonderful personality. He definitely put me at ease and was even able to get my husband to feel comfortable.

If you are looking for a photographer who is professional, talented, and laid back this is your guy! He is great and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to capture the true beauty of their wedding day.

Amanda & Mike


Mary & Amir – The Lesner Inn Virginia Beach

lesner inn virginia beach wedding photo of mary and amir by bill murrayWe could not be more thrilled about the coverage of our Lesner Inn Wedding. Simply put: Bill is an amazing photographer. He captured every minute of our wedding from the moment we arrived at the venue to our grand exit, and the pictures flow like a love story. Bill had come highly recommended by our venue and our wedding coordinator because of his professionalism and expertise. He is a blast to work with…funny and charming…but when it comes down to getting the perfect shot he’ all business. Just like it should be. In searching around for a photographer it was important that we not only had someone who could perfectly capture the night, but also was accommodating to our schedule. We live in Savannah and came back to Virginia Beach to be married and we couldn’t possibly have busier lives.

Bill was a breeze to get a hold of and flexible about schedule changes and it made the weeks before the wedding that less stressful.

The day of the wedding, Bill and his assistant seemed to flow effortlessly in the background taking pictures while we got ready, and the entire night they blended right in with the crowd but jumped in for some great action shots. I cannot imagine missing a single one of those moments and now we have them to cherish forever. I have been singing Bill’s praises to anyone who will listen since our wedding because you will not find a better photographer. He will work to make your wedding pictures everything you imagined and more…much, much more. We had to pick our jaws up off the floor when the pictures came in, because each shot was better than the next. Choosing Bill as our photographer was hands down the best decision we made for the wedding, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Mary & Amir

Maya & Matt – Museum of Contemporary Art Virginia Beach (MOCA)

wedding photo of matt and maya from the museum of contemporary art in virginia beachEveryone is still ranting and raving about how wonderful our wedding pictures turned out. Bill did an excellent job covering ALL aspects of our wedding and our engagement photos. He was funny, kind, respectful, professional, and all around gave me one less thing to worry about with the wedding. He was absolutely great and we are happy to have shared our wedding with him.

Bill is beyond awesome. Very funny and keeps the mood light!! Besides being all that…he is 100% professional. I have seen lots of photographers and he is hands down the best I have ever worked with. I would never use another photographer and I would bring him to any event no matter where it was.

He is worth every penny you pay. At the ceremony and reception he was not seen or heard, but I have already seen some shots and they are AMAZING!! – Maya

Very responsive to needs before and during the ceremony/reception…..We wanted to do a “family” shot..there ended up being a ton of us, he was like holy cow, but made it work!! THANK YOU BILL!!!! We LOVE BILL!!! Enough said!!! – Matthias

Tara & Daniel – The Lesner Inn Virginia Beach

wedding photo of tara and daniel from the lesner inn virginia beach by bill murrayBill is an amazing photographer with an impeccable sense of capturing even the smallest moment and making it special and beautiful.

Going into our Lesner Inn wedding, Daniel and I wanted someone who would take a few necessary photos, and otherwise shoot from a photojournalistic point of view, capturing the candid moments more than setting them up – and that’s exactly what he did.

Bill and his assistants have the ability and willingness to mold themselves to your exact wishes. He is a hilarious man, and you can’t help but be relaxed and comfortable with him, which makes for some great pictures. Looking at our photos for the first time, I can honestly say that there wasn’t one picture that we didn’t love, and they told the true story of our entire day, not just bits and pieces.

Bill pays attention to detail, and being able to look back on our photos from our Lesner Inn wedding and see the pieces of the night that we had missed and he had not was so awesome. Not only is he a wonderful photographer and a true artist, but he is extremely professional, easy to work with, and efficient. After experiencing his work, I have chosen to work with him on my maternity photos, our children’s photos, and will continue to call him for any shoot we find that we want or need. He is (and will always be) highly recommended by us to everyone for his incredible work.

– Tara & Daniel

Leigh & David – Williamsburg Inn and Wren Chapel in Williamsburg Virginia

williamsburg inn and wren chapel wedding photography of leigh and david by bill murrayBill Murray was everything we could have wanted in a photographer for our Williamsburg Inn Wedding! He was funny and fun to work with the day of the wedding, he was great at directing people and honestly he was invisible when he wasn’t taking posed pictures. After getting the pics (which were FANTASTIC!!) there were tons of moments where my husband and I didnt even remember him being there, and as a result he captured a lot of very honest intimate moments beautifully. Most of his “sniper” pics look so good that they could have been posed! He also paid amazing attention to detail. Taking a very artistic picture of rain on a window was a particularly delicate and memory filled touch as it was an amazingly beautiful day until we sat down to eat at the reception despite weather forecast indicating that it was going to rain. His skill, amazing candid shots and diligence resulted in a host of fantastic photos which told the entire story of our wedding in detail (every conversation, every small hitch, and every wonderful moment!). Looking through the pictures on line was like reliving our wedding. My husband and I owe a huge amount of memories to Bill and his incredible work!! If we had to choose a photographer again we would definitely choose to work with Bill again!! Bill, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!:)

Leigh & David

 Melissa & Brian – Lesner Inn Virginia Beach

lesner inn wedding photography of melissa and brian in virginia beach by bill murrayMy wife and I are exceptionally pleased with our Lesner Inn wedding photos. Bill conducted three photo shoots with us, all of which came out beautiful and were very unique. Our first shoot was at the Norfolk Tides Harbor Park (where we had our first date), Bill took us around the entire field and was able to truly capture one of our favorite activities in a playful and fun shoot. Our second shoot, and favorite, was the “Trash the Couple” shoot at the oceanfront – both my wife and I had an amazing time doing this and remarked that we would love to do it again. The photo shoot itself was fun and my wife and I loved every minute of it but when we received the photos back we were blown away. The hardest part of looking through the final shots was trying to decide which ones we liked best – an almost impossible task – each picture was stunning. We’ll have these pictures to cherish forever. Everyone involved in our wedding (from the bridal party, to the guests, to the employees at our reception hall) commented on how beautiful and unique our pictures were. It’s not often you get an opportunity to experience something like that! Our wedding photos came out perfect, Bill and Georganna were able to capture our entire day (all 9 hours worth!) so that we can relive it over and over. From the early part of the day with our families, to getting prepared, to the alter, and the reception not one detail was missed. We love every one of our photos, each one has the touch of a true artist.

Bill, to say we are pleased with our Lesner Inn wedding pictures would be a huge understatement, we’ve recommended you to EVERY couple we know who is even thinking about tying the knot. You and Georganna were extremely professional and catered to each of our requests. Your photos created an amazing memory of not only our wedding day but of the entire 6 months leading up to our wedding. Memories that we will certainly cherish and share for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

Brian and Melissa

Kristin & Greg – Old Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach

cavalier hotel wedding photography of kristen and greg by bill murrayBill did our Cavalier Hotel Wedding. We came to Bill through friends of ours who had used him to photograph their wedding a couple years earlier. We fell in love with the photos he did for them and when sat down with him we knew we couldn’t go with anyone else. Bill is professional, but laid back and easy going. His passion shows in his work and he’s great at reading the personality of his couples and knowing how to capture that. We are in love with our photos and show our beautiful album to anyone who will look at it. His work is definitely worth every penny – you will not be disappointed!

– Kristin & Greg




Angela & Jon – Westin Hotel Virginia Beach

westin hotel wedding photography of angela and jon by bill murrayBill was the photographer for our Westin Hotel Wedding in Virginia Beach, and we couldn’t be more happy. He was amazing! We were totally impressed with his professionalism and he worked very hard to make my wedding photos perfect. My bridal portrait session was absolutely beautiful and I had a very difficult time picking the one because there were so many that were phenomenal. After the wedding I have had countless guests and wedding party members tell me they have never seen a photographer work harder. He was everywhere at one time and he definitely captured everything that was happening in a beautiful way.

My husband and I were speechless when we saw our photos. They were amazing. He worked all day with us on our wedding day. After the wedding I remember telling my husband “I didn’t ask him to get this picture and I wanted a picture of this and that.” I was worried because I forgot to mention some of the shots I wanted. When we got the proofs it was like he had read my mind. Without even mentioning what I wanted he did that and above and beyond what I could have imagined. He knew exactly what we wanted. The final album was beautiful the pictures look like real life. As you look at our album the pictures really tell a story and that is exactly what we wanted. He and his assistant were there and seemed like they were in multiple places at one time, but very discreet and super professional about the process. We could not have imagined our wedding photography would be as amazing as it was. We are so pleased his work is amazing.

Angela & Jon

Sara & Mike – Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center Norfolk Virginia

half moone cruise center wedding photography of sara and mike by bill murrayBill was absolutely fantastic to work with at our Half Moone Cruise Center Wedding in Norfolk, Virginia! He has got an amazing eye for detail and not to mention an awesome personality!

He had made sure to get those amazing shots that he knew we would want but never told him about. Bill captured the moments that we didn’t even realize happened until we got the pictures!

He also made sure that WE were happy on our wedding day, making sure to get anything and everything we could have wanted. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to capture our most important day!

– Sarah & Mike


Kristin & Mark – Lesner Inn Virginia Beach

lesner inn wedding photography of kristin and mark at the lesner inn virginia beach by bill murrayBill was the photographer that did our Lesner Inn Wedding pictures in Virginia Beach.

Bill was fantastic! Mark and I knew Bill was our photographer the minute we met him and we would not settle for anyone else.

We wanted him so badly after seeing his work that we made sure he was available before we booked our venue and settled on a date. He’s funny, creative, professional, and our pictures are gorgeous.

He’s so discreet most of the time you don’t even realize he’s there. I can’t recommend him highly enough! Hoping to get a few more photo sessions with Bill when we are back in Virginia Beach in the future!

– Kristin & Mark

Amanda & Darryle – Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach (MOCA)

moca wedding photography of amanda and darryle by bill murray in virginia beachBill is the most amazing photographer we could have dreamed of having for our MOCA wedding. He shot our engagement photos on the beach first. They turned out amazing (just look at his website to see how breathtaking his beach photos are).As for the wedding he was there working from 4 and till 11:30 when the wedding finally wound down. I have never seen someone work as hard as he did to capture every last moment. He was truly a pleasure to work with. With a bridal party as large as ours he got everyone in line quick to get those photos done. Then with our formals he did an extravagant job. We did not know that we could photograph that well. As far as professionalism he is always on time and he always returns phone calls and emails quickly.

The best thing which I don’t know of another photographer that can do this but we were married on a Friday and he had our proofs to us the following Thursday. He is amazingly quick and there is not a negative thing that could be said about him. If you are looking for a photographer he is the one without a doubt. He will capture moments for you to remember for the rest of your lives.

– Amanda & Darryle

I’m extremely grateful to all the couples that have hired me to be their wedding photographer. It’s a day that has no “do overs” and I take the responsibility of documenting the day very seriously. (being a wedding photographer isn’t an easy job, trust me)

I’m ESPECIALLY grateful to all the couples that have taken the time to review me and my work. Thank you for taking the time!