Hardcover options include your custom image (printed on satin or canvas), fabric or faux leather. In contrast to the rigid pages found in standard flush mount formal albums, press printed Photo Books feature flexible pages. I can customize your book cover with your favorite image or choose from elegant faux leathers or fabric. The book pages are printed with industry-leading HP Indigo printers for incredible color and print quality. I design these albums in nearly the same way as a Flush Mount album. When designing panoramas, the gap between the pages is a bit larger so I have to be careful not to put anything important across the seam. With two different styles available (hinged or non-hinged), I have to know up front what kind of look in a book you’re after before I start your design. Non-hinged paper opens magazine-style at the seam, hinged paper lays flat nearly flat, but not as flat as a flush mount album.

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