Weddings by Michelle “I Do” Magazine Launch Party – 6-16-2011

I had the pleasure of shooting the “I Do” Magazine fall/winter edition launch party for Michelle Kilgore, owner of Weddings By Michelle and creator of this new publication which highlights the talents of the “best of the best” of Hampton Roads wedding professionals.

It’s always a lot of fun when we get a chance to get together and “let our hair down” so to speak. (well, some of us have hair to let down, I can’t include myself in THAT category!) Many of us only see each other at weddings and it’s generally in random cycles that we actually DO see each other at all. But, Michelle has a way of getting people together and throwing AMAZING parties.

I REALLY appreciate these get togethers because it’s a great opportunity to talk with other photographers in the area. Obviously, we NEVER see each other at events because we’re all at different events. (I guess that’s a Captain Obvious moment!) It’s also wonderful to see all the other talented and dedicated TRUE professionals in our industry.

I shot a lot of photos at the event, but I just culled around 100 to make a slide show with. Enjoy 🙂

Thanks Michelle!

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