Wedding Venues in Hampton Roads

Wedding Venues – Where Are You Getting Ready For Your Wedding?

You’ve picked the perfect wedding venue for your ceremony and the perfect wedding venue for your reception. There is no doubt in your mind that “The wedding pictures will be gorgeous!” Have you thought EVERYTHING through? What could possibly go wrong? How could a bit of thought before that day arrives make your wedding pictures even better?

I’ve photographed A LOT of weddings. I’ve worked in most, if not all of the wedding venues. More than 500 in the last 10 years.

From this wedding photographer’s viewpoint, the time before the wedding ceremony is “the golden hour”. This is a time where the bride and groom haven’t been sucked up into the maelstrom of the wedding day ….. yet.

It often yields some of THE BEST WEDDING PICTURES of the day.

Putting some thought into the getting ready venue can be just as important as the ceremony and reception venue, especially if you plan on a complete day of documentary wedding coverage. Putting all the girls in one barren room with bad lighting, no mirrors, no decor, no flowers, no place to hide all of the “things” that make their way into a dressing room makes taking a decent photo of a VERY IMPORTANT part of the day nearly impossible.

Having a well thought out location to get ready for your wedding will pay dividends in AMAZING photos.

Have your bridesmaids get dressed first then make sure all of their “civilian clothes” are tucked away out of sight. They, they can assist you, the photos will be great, and you’ll have a nice location to get some great shots of you alone, with your besties, your parents, siblings, and all that good stuff. BEFORE you get sucked into the maelstrom of the wedding day. (this happens the moment your big toe touches the very end of the aisle at the start of the processional).

So, do yourself a favor. Put as much thought into where you’re getting ready as you do into picking your ceremony and reception venue.

Here are some getting ready photos in local wedding venues below.

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