Virginia Beach Maternity Portrait Photographer – Rachel & Robert – 6-25-11


Rachel & Robert Maternity Portraits - Virginia Beach

I love doing maternity portraits at many different places in and around Virginia Beach! It just depends on the time of day the client wants to do the photography session which kind of dictates the best places to shoot the photos. I try to take it easy on expecting Moms! I don’t want them walking too far, too fast, in hot weather over rough terrain. (I suppose that’s common sense?) 😉

I shot Rachel and Robert’s wedding back in May of 2009! If you’d like to view some photos from their wedding you can see them on my wedding photography blog here . It was awesome to catch up with them!

They’re having a little girl about half way through August! I told Robert that he was pretty much done for. I know from experience that once I laid eyes on MY daughter, I was done for. She stole my heart.

So, I was up at 5AM this morning, ran 14.5 miles at 6AM, and was on location ready to shoot these photos by 9AM. Now they’re all edited and ready to go, and I’ve sent the link off to Rachel and Robert so they can view ALL the photos from the maternity portrait session. Same day! (that DEFINITELY doesn’t happen like that all the time, but it’s pretty cool when I can get a session processed the same day).

So, if you’re looking for a maternity portrait photographer? Give me a call at 757-368-7800 🙂

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One thought on “Virginia Beach Maternity Portrait Photographer – Rachel & Robert – 6-25-11

  1. Bill Murray says:

    Shot this Maternity Portrait session this morning with Rachel Speight and Robert! I shot their wedding back in 2009!

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