Virginia Beach Family Portrait Photographer – Hancock Clan – 6-19-11


Hancock Family Portraits June 19th, 2011

I was pretty stoked when Shannon & Mary contacted me about doing family portraits for them last Sunday! I shot Shannon’s wedding 6 years ago at The Lesner Inn. Mary did all the floral design work for the wedding (and she did an OFF THE HOOK job doing it too.) Fast forward a few years, Mary and Shannon have a blooming floral business Palette of Petals , and I’ve been working with them for a couple years now, seeing them around at weddings that we’ve been mutually hired to do. It’s a great success story!

I shot Shannon’s bridal portraits at her parents’ house on the intercoastal waterway in Virginia Beach. WAY WAY south Virginia Beach. Darn near to North Carolina Virginia Beach. (I had to stop for two deer crossing the driveway on the way out for instance). Just a BEAUTIFUL setting out there. Where life just slows down to a pace that’s perfect for family to just “be themselves”. No rushing, no agenda, no fuss.

So, for the first shot of this family portrait, I suggested a bit of a “theme” for fun. That would be the bottom left image on the preview image above.

I shot pretty much every combination of this family that I could including all the kids individually, and a couple head shots and 1/2 – 3/4 lengths of Shannon and Mary so they could use them for their business.

So, if you’re looking for a Virginia Beach Family Portrait Photographer who doesn’t mind one bit coming to you? Give me a call. 757-368-7800

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One thought on “Virginia Beach Family Portrait Photographer – Hancock Clan – 6-19-11

  1. Bill Murray says:

    Fun family portrait session last Sunday! Shannon Hancock Hart and Mary Hancock of Palette of Petals! Every time I’ve shot photos out there at their parent’s house, I’ve had to avoid running over a deer or two on the way out of the driveway! I love that place!

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