Norfolk Women’s Club Wedding of Lauren & Thomas – 1-11-14

norfolk women's club wedding photography on the steps of the club

The Norfolk Women’s Club was the setting for the wedding of Lauren and Thomas which took place on 1-11-14! Their ceremony was held at Crossroads Church in Norfolk. I had a blast getting to know this couple during the planning process, shooting their engagement photos (at the Virginia Beach MOCA) and flurries of emails back and forth. The Norfolk Women’s Club is a GREAT venue for couples that want to do things “their way”. This was a charming, intimate, family friendly wedding with a wonderful group of people there to celebrate.

Just to do a little something different, Lauren and Thomas were nice enough to write a review about me, so I’ll let them take it from here:

“We did a lot of research and looked through pages and pages of different photographers’ websites before choosing Bill to do our Norfolk Women’s Club wedding photos. It was definitely worth all of the searching!

Bill is so personable and very creative and knowledgable about what he does. He produces quality photos and he captured moments we never even knew he took! He really makes you feel as if he’s just another friend who’s there celebrating your wedding with you. He made sure we were taken care of throughout all the wedding craziness, and my husband and I even noticed him pouring a cup of punch for one of our nieces who couldn’t quite reach the table!

One thing I was afraid of at the beginning was that we might feel awkward in front of the camera and a person we hardly knew. But Bill’s easy-going personality makes the whole experience absolutely comfortable and FUN while producing amazing, professional photos.

Bill did a fantastic job at capturing our wedding in a unique and beautiful way! Thanks Bill!

Lauren & Thomas “

They said it way better than I could. 🙂 Congratulations Lauren and Thomas!

norfolk women's club wedding photography on the steps of the club

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