Norfolk Engagement Photos at Granby High School of Amy and Ben

superman and lois lane engagement photo

Superman and Lois Lane you say? This is what I thought out loud to Amy as she was telling me about an idea she and Ben had for their Norfolk engagement photos at Granby High School.
Granby High you say? This is the other thing I thought out loud when Amy picked the location for their engagement session. I have to mention that these two are probably two of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in person. I’m not going to tell you what they do for work, or where they went to school because it’s none of my business to tell anyone, but I couldn’t be more impressed. They are SUPER sweet to each other. (Superman, get it?). Then, there was the time of day the session had to be shot. Really couldn’t do it early in the morning, thousands of students in the background and foreground. Couldn’t do it around sunset, no building access and might get arrested. So, right after school gets out, when the light is not ideal for photos.

I’m always up for a challenge. This session is proof to me that I can shoot REALLY GOOD engagement or wedding photos in a freakin’ parking lot at the wrong time of day with really horrible background elements and still make the photos look good by getting a little crafty with the camera settings, the lighting, and the angles I use.

Amy’s Lois and Clark photo idea came out great. I shot this in a long hallway on the 2nd floor of Granby High School. Amy and Ben are getting married this May, I am looking forward to this one. It’s at The Virginia Zoo

Norfolk Engagement Photos at Granby High

superman and lois lane engagement photo
norfolk engagement photos of amy and ben
norfolk engagement photos at granby high
norfolk engagement photos on granby high sign
norfolk engagement photos on granby high front steps

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