Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement Photos of Joiceann and Alex

great dip photo at the botanical gardens

Joiceann and Alex chose Norfolk Botanical Gardens as the location for their engagement photos. I’d been in contact with this couple for a good long while, and they currently live out of town, so they made quite a drive to do this engagement session. I’ve shot countless engagement sessions and weddings at the Botanical Gardens. It’s a great place with countless photo options. I’ve been a preferred vendor there for many years. I’m just not too crazy about the shoot fee they charge to do portrait sessions out there. It’s the only outdoor location in this region that charges a shoot fee. So, I often suggest other locations that offer scenery just a good (without the jet noise from the airport as well), and free. (even better).

Trish assisted me on this shoot because the only time slot we could get for the session was smack in the middle of the day. So, I needed an assistant to scrim the sun off the couple if we were going to be able to use the locations they had in mind at the Botanical Gardens. ANYWAY! Joyceanne and Alex are a super cute couple, and they could have taken great photos in a parking lot. It’s always fun getting to know couples during engagement shoots and seeing what presses their buttons.

For instance, Joiceann really wanted a photo of Alex dipping her. Naturally, Alex wasn’t crazy about it because he didn’t know how. So, it was fun for Trish and I to do a bunch of demonstrations to show him “how it’s done”. Pretty funny stuff. You’ll see below, that he caught on very quickly!

Enjoy the photos!

Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement Photos of Joiceann and Alex

great dip photo at the botanical gardensbotanical gardens engagement photo on the bridgebotanical gardens engagement photo in the japanese garden

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