New Website Design and Features

If you’ve ever been to my website before, this is a really BIG change in the look and feel of things.   I’ve always thought of my work as a living, breathing, thing.  My previous website designs just didn’t do it for me.  They were “ok” and they “sort of did the job” but they didn’t really excite me.  They didn’t make me look forward to updating them.

This one does! 🙂  I’ve completely changed platforms, and I’ve gone to more of a content management system rather than a flash based static sterile display.

This site isn’t even remotely close to being finished.  It’s going to be vast.   The next sections that are going in will be the Wedding Albums section,  then the Portraits portfolio section along with portrait pricing and associated product descriptions and prices.  There are many sub pages that need to be done for all those items as well.

Then the Raves section will go in which will display a bunch of the recommendations my WONDERFUL clients have written to me.  Some of their photos will go along with what they’ve written in that section.

Then the Venues section will go in.  I’m pretty excited about that particular section!   It’s going to be a run down of the wedding and portrait locations, venues, churches, beaches, what-have-you.  Each will have it’s own page with my take on the place along with (of course) my photos from the Venue.

Once I get the shell of everything in place and looking how I’ve envisioned it, I’ll go back through and redo all my portfolio images.  I’ve got around 100,000 photos to go through for that.  (from this past wedding and portrait season).

Another great feature of this platform that I’m using is that it’s got a built in blog!  (which is going to allow me to interact with you right here on the website).  I’m going to use the BLOG section for sneak peeks of shoots, product announcements, personal photo project display, and showing or writing about whatever moves me.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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