Where the heck is 2013?

I’ve never been one to toe the line.  I’ve spent the last year embracing the truth about my introvert self.

I’m a photographer, not a blogger, nor am I one of those people you may know on Facebook or Twitter that feels compelled to disclose to all my “friends?” every intricate detail of my day be it important or mundane, or simply T.M.I..

I’m a husband, I’d rather spend the evening snuggled up with Trish than cranking out blog posts about how “fabulous”, “sick”, “amazing”, or “pick any hip adjective you prefer” a particular venue or event was, and all the other cool people that I know who were there (to make sure that I’m cool by association).

I COULD go on and on, making this a boring diatribe, but I won’t.  How I got here isn’t as important as being here.  Being extremely happy to be here is even more important.  Being true to myself and to what I’m best at is where it’s at for me.

I’m photographer.  I’m a really, GOOD photographer.  (I have the portfolio to back that up).

I’m a terrible blogger.  All the rules of 2013 marketing physics say that’s business suicide.  (did I mention that I’ve never been one to toe the line?)

The photo below is “real”.  The fact that it IS real brings me joy.  I can identify with that young man.  He’s just being him at that moment.  That’s what I am going to do when I’m behind the lens of my camera.  I’m just going to be me.


candid wedding moment


Don’t worry though. My business is alive and well. (despite the lack of blogging) My wife is as happy as a seagull with a french fry. (which follows the mathematical formula “a happy wife = a happy life”)

And I will be posting snippets from 2013. Starting tomorrow. (edited to add: I have just FINISHED posting snippets from all the weddings I’ve shot this season as of Noon, Oct 14th, 2013) My wife just came into my office and asked me if I was coming to bed. (that sounds way better than the clacking of this keyboard!) 🙂

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