Gymstrada Gymnastics Photos – Virginia Beach

I had the pleasure of shooting all of the Gymstrada Gymnastic team and individual photos recently here in Virginia Beach! What a great group of gymnasts! My assistant Georgeanna and I had to wrangle 101 EXTREMELY energetic and athletic young ladies and gentlemen for around 6 hours to get all of the required shoots done. I brought my portable studio setup right to Gymstrada and my pretty darn cool system of keeping track of everyone. (it’s quick, logical, and painless!).

I shot a TON of photos, but I put a slideshow together of each gymnast from the day in the collage memory mates that I used as a theme.

This slideshow is available for purchase by any of the parents of the children. Just send me a message via the contact form on this website and inquire for details. 🙂

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