Family Portraits In Virginia Beach – Altmeyer Family Portraits – 6-12-2011

family portraits virginia beach

Altmeyer Family Portraits June 12th, 2011

YES! I do family portraits! In fact I do them quite often. By and large I’m known primarily as a wedding photographer, but I do “environmental” family portraits in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas in Hampton Roads simply because I really enjoy doing them. 99% of the time it’s by word of mouth referral that I get family portrait clients or they’re family or friends of couples I’ve done weddings for.

By “environmental” portraits I mean where you live, work, play, or a place you just “like”. I don’t dictate where the photos are taken, but I DO scout the location that you’ve picked to determine 1. if it’s feasible to shoot portraits there. If number 1 is a YES, then 2. what’s the right time of day to shoot the portraits. I come to you basically, you don’t come to me. People tend to be more comfortable in familiar surroundings, and if the location is the portrait client’s home all the better. It’s close to hair brushes, make up and clothing changes. 😉

This particular family portrait assignment is being shot in 3 parts. Two “family units” were here in town this past weekend so I scouted the location and determined the right time of day to do them. Trouble is, sometimes the weather has other plans. We had a BUNCH of heavy thunderstorms within an hour of the session at the location so the ground was SOAKED. So, I had to do all the groups they had in mind and I had in mind standing. So, while not able to use a bit of creativity in arranging the groups I just had to make do with what I had in that environment.

I bring studio grade lighting with me, so I’m able to do these types of family portraits virtually anywhere.

Part 2 of this portrait assignment will be next month when the other two “family units” will be in town. I’ll most likely use the same location at their request. (hopefully it won’t rain next time, because I was shooting between showers at this last session)

Part 3 will be 7 toy poodles! YES, SEVEN OF THEM at the SAME TIME! (THAT is going to be FUN!) So, between part 1 and part 2 I’m around the dogs enough that they know me, and I bribe them a little and they associate me with “fun stuff”. So, part 3 will be a piece of cake. (or a milk bone)

So, keep me in mind for your family portraits in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News and all of the surrounding Hampton Roads region. 🙂

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