Beach Engagement Photos of Lizzie and Jeff

beach engagment photo in the dunes

Lizzie and Jeff are getting married at The Water Table so we all know they have great taste, and they must like being near the water. No surprise to me that they chose to have beach engagement photos done at the North End of Virginia Beach. At first the couple considered doing their session in DC, but after learning of the fees and the hassles of shooting around the monuments, they decided on a much simpler approach. Even with 3 outfit changes right there on the beach, we were able to get this session knocked out in around 90 minutes. (I’m both affordable, and fast!)

She likes the Cardinals, he likes the Cubs (good choice this year!), they both like Virginia Tech. She can do really good hand stands even in the sand, and he finds that extremely entertaining (I didn’t put any of those photos up here in this post, but they’re great!) They BOTH like beach engagement photos.

Looking forward to shooting this wedding, this couple is fun!

Beach Engagement Photos of Lizzie and Jeff : Virginia Beach

beach engagment photo in the dunes
beach engagement photo virginia tech shirts
beach engagement photo cardinals versus cubs
beach engagement photo with attitude
beach engagement photo in the surf

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