Affordable Beach Portraits of Diane and Sean’s Family

affordable beach portrait that should be a postcard

There’s no reason why beach portraits in Virginia Beach can’t be affordable. Having affordable beach portraits puts these family heirlooms in the price range of anyone. You just need to find a good, experienced photographer that charges a rate you can afford. Look no further! You’ve found him! My work is great, and my prices are affordable.

I shot Diane and Sean’s wedding back in 2011 at Star of the Sea and reception at The Water Table in Virginia Beach. (Click here to view some of their wedding photos and the write-up from their wedding). It’s truly been great to stay in touch with them and to watch them start a family of their own. Watch Sean’s career take off and see Diane become an amazing Mom as well as athlete. They were coming back into town with kids in tow and wanted to have their first family portrait session on the beach. I was both honored and thrilled that they asked me to do it!

Working with very young ones can be challenging unless you have the right tools. So, I brought Trish along with me, and she brought some bubbles. Problem solved! While shooting the session with young ones it’s also important to break it up and take LOTS of short breaks. Diversions. This is where I attempt to show off my extremely amateur marine biologist chops in teaching what the various organisms are that wash up on the beach. (it’s pretty funny, trust me)

Pictures came out great! Best of all we got to see these delightful people in person again!

I swear the first photo displayed below should be on a greeting card. It’s a classic, captured moment that will never happen again the same way.

Affordable Beach Portraits shot in Virginia Beach

affordable beach portrait that should be a postcard
affordable beach portrait of the whole family with surf in the background
affordable beach portrait of the whole family with dunes in the background

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