photojournalism by bill murray at the botanical gardensAt LEAST ninety percent of my images are completely natural and un-posed. I am a visual story teller…. I have a very strong wedding photo journalism trait and I strive to NEVER interrupt a moment.

You may not even realize I was there (until you see your wedding photos). You probably won’t notice me but I’ll be watching (from behind a lens). All the while quietly capturing all the sparks between you, all the memories you weren’t present for, all the moments of a day that will never happen again.

Basically, I stay out of your face. You didn’t spend all the money you’re spending on your wedding to have some guy with a camera drag you all over the place for this shot, or that shot. It’s your wedding, it’s not a production shoot. I stay out of the way, I stay out of sight, I move quickly and quietly. I don’t miss, ever.

I want you to be happy with your wedding photos. (crying happy tears kind of happy)

I look forward to each and every assignment simply because no two are the same, ever. The dynamics between all those different people with different personalities make each wedding as unique as a fingerprint. Weddings are a target rich environment for a photographer like me, and your wedding photos will be as unique as you are.

Skilled wedding photojournalism isn’t simply shooting thousands of photos hoping to “get a good one”. For me, it’s instinct, anticipation, positioning, lens selection, experience, stealth, compassion and empathy, being able to “see” emotion by “feeling” it. It’s thoroughly understanding light, what my cameras are capable of, what I’m capable of.

I’ve been described by many others as “a ninja”. (read my reviews, and you’ll see that for yourself if you like).

I’m also a photographic “techie”, and I use my “bag of tricks” to create the perfect lighting for every situation with minimal, if any, intrusion.

virginia beach wedding photographer bill murray shooting a ceremony at Steinhilbers Restaurant.

This is what I call “being in two places at once”. I took both the shot from behind the couple kissing at the end of their ceremony, and the one that has ME in the frame. I can use one camera to trigger slave cameras. (which is what I did here).