I just wanted to say Thank You so much for everything! You were amazing and so are your photos you took of my crazy wedding! I couldn’t have asked for more! You fit right in with some of my guests and I know they enjoyed you just as much as Nate and I! I’m so happy with the outcome and the photos will always be framed in my house!

Again thank you for giving us beautiful memories of our very special day! -Even if Hurricane Earl ran us out early!!

Briana and Nate Goehring

(I am editing this to add: This wedding was covered on the news in Florida after Briana and Nate plus their whole wedding party was forced to evacuate the house in Corolla where the wedding was being held. Briana and Nate jumped in their vehicle and just drove South on a very spontaneous weather forced honeymoon trip.)

I think the sequence where they all jumped into the pool was AWESOME. Here’s a little slide show to view that whole sequence. Click here to see the slide show of everyone but Grandma and I jumping into the pool (this link opens a new window, you won’t lose your place here).

[slideshow id=”18″ width=”300″ height=”450″]