How many people can say that Bill Murray was their photographer? We seem to have something in common. You may be looking for the right photographer, and I'm looking for the right clients . I am looking for easy going people that want their event documented without a bunch of fuss. I recommend that you get in touch via the contact link so we can get a conversation started. Click here for "about me" factoids if you like.



Basically, I stay out of your face. You didn't spend all the money you're spending on your wedding to have some guy with a camera drag you all over the place for this shot, or that shot. It's your wedding, it's not a production shoot. I stay out of the way, I stay out of sight, I move quickly and quietly. I don't miss, ever.


You might be curious about the way I approach different aspects of a wedding (or any event for that matter). The answer to this is way too wordy and full of sample images for this space, so I've linked a page that may clear things up a bit if you have questions


Here are a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions about my services which may help you find an answer you’re looking for. I don’t mind talking on the phone either, so if you’ve got a question you’d like answered don’t hesitate to call me at 948.201.4447 (during normal business hours on the East coast M-F would be best for me!)




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