Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art Wedding of Tessa & Carl – 11-17-13

The Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art was the setting for Tessa & Carl’s wedding on 11-17-13! Loved shooting this wedding for many reasons. 1. The couple is great! Down to earth and fun, they love to run, and they have a GREAT BIG DOG that is a blast to work with too. (the dog was brought to the engagement session, AND to the wedding for a few shots outside). 2. Tessa and Carl have “the spark”. That relationship pixie dust which appears in photos if the photographer knows what to look for. (and I do!) 3. Tessa and Carl’s family and friends were all wonderful. 3. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach ( MOCA for short ) is one of my favorite places to shoot a wedding. When you put all those factors together, the magic happens every time. The MOCA has so many great little nooks and crannies to shoot photos in and around, it’s a fun place to be a wedding photographer. The couple did a “first look” *gasp* yes they saw each other before the ceremony which I absolutely support in every way. I just put them in the right light and shoot from a distance. This allowed this sweet couple to have a private moment together before the “wedding whirlwind” sucked them up the aisle. The photo below is from that first look, and in my opinion it doesn’t get any better than having a real honest romantic and sweet moment to remember a wedding by. Congratulations Tessa and Carl!

wedding photo of tessa and carl at the virginia beach museum of contemporary art

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