Channa & Michael’s Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art Wedding – 6.23.12

Channa and Michael held their wedding at the Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art on 6.23.12! Gorgeous wedding! The couple were awesome, family and friends equally terrific and the venue perfect! Two very notable things from this wedding for me were the Virginia Beach Police coming to the rescue while I was shooting some photos of the couple after the ceremony. A very disturbed individual came upon us and the police were right behind on bikes. That was fortunate. (no harm done though!). Also, the wedding cake was made by either a family member or friend, and it was pretty incredible. Amazing job. Top three cakes that I saw all last season.

Channa and Michael’s wedding party were A LOT of fun. There was some serious dancing, clowning, and fun throughout the night. Great group!

Enjoy the slideshow!

If you’d like to view these wedding photos individually, you can see them on my wedding photography blog or on my wedding photography facebook fan page . 🙂

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