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Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia Wedding – Melanie & Kyle – 4-30-2011

contemporary arts center of virginia wedding photography

Melanie & Kyle Married on April 30th, 2011

Melanie & Kyle were married on April 30th, 2011 at the Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia in Virginia Beach, Virginia! What a great wedding for this AMAZING couple!

I’d only met Kyle once in February of last year when we had our first meeting, and they booked me not long after that. Kyle was deployed and all my interactions from that point on had been with Melanie. Once of Melanie’s hobbies is RUNNING! (so, with all the races that I run, we’d see each other from time to time at races and catch up on things) It was fun making a new friend who was also a future client, and I was pretty excited when yesterday FINALLY came so I could shoot their wedding exactly how I thought they wanted it done.

All of my colleagues did a WONDERFUL job! Arch Entertainment, Daevid, Sweetwater Cuisine, and Patti Cakes!

Melanie and Kyle’s families and friends were awesome as well! It was a fabulous wedding! Just a few photos to show above but once I’ve edited there will be a ton from their wedding photography from the Contemporary Arts Center on my blog (

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