The standard contemporary flush mount album design is the default album design for all package supplied flush mount albums, premium upgrade flush mount albums, and press printed photo books.  This is a very modern design style and it’s “in style” right now.  Using this style there are very few things on the pages to distract a viewer from the images.   No fades, tilts, key lines, patterns, and background images on pages are used very sparingly throughout the design.   I do all my designs based on the images that the client chooses to go into their album.  I will recommend images throughout a design to ensure nothing has been overlooked that I think should be in the album.   You can make as many changes to the design as you wish until you are happy with it.

Below is an example of the default design style that I use for all the albums that I design unless the client wants to upgrade to a more elaborate design.  The reason an elaborate design costs more is that it takes A LOT more time to do.