The premium backdrop style flush mount album design utilizes images, textures, and patterns as backgrounds. The background images may be semi-opaque, or gradient-faded.   Depending on your preferences, the backdrops may be used sparingly or frequently throughout the design.   This is more of a “scrap book” or “collage” style of album design.  This style is also “in style” right now.  Just like the standard designs, I do the design based on the images the client chooses to go into their album.  I will recommend images throughout a design to ensure nothing has been overlooked that I think should be in the album.  You can make as many changes to the design as you wish until you are happy with it.

The cost to upgrade a Standard design to a Premium design is $300 up to 30 sides.   Every 10 sides over 30 is an additional $100.

Below is an example of a premium backdrop style flush mount album design.  (I can show you many more examples, just shoot me an email to see them)