Bill Murray was everything we could have wanted in a photographer for our Williamsburg Inn Wedding! He was funny and fun to work with the day of the wedding, he was great at directing people and honestly he was invisible when he wasn’t taking posed pictures. After getting the pics (which were FANTASTIC!!) there were tons of moments where my husband and I didnt even remember him being there, and as a result he captured a lot of very honest intimate moments beautifully. Most of his “sniper” pics look so good that they could have been posed! He also paid amazing attention to detail. Taking a very artistic picture of rain on a window was a particularly delicate and memory filled touch as it was an amazingly beautiful day until we sat down to eat at the reception despite weather forecast indicating that it was going to rain. His skill, amazing candid shots and diligence resulted in a host of fantastic photos which told the entire story of our wedding in detail (every conversation, every small hitch, and every wonderful moment!). Looking through the pictures on line was like reliving our wedding. My husband and I owe a huge amount of memories to Bill and his incredible work!! If we had to choose a photographer again we would definitely choose to work with Bill again!! Bill, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

Leigh & David

williamsburg inn wedding photo

williamsburg inn wedding picture of the toast

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