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I’ve launched a new website that makes it clear that I am also a Portrait Photographer in Virginia Beach !!

I shoot “environmental portraiture”. What that means is I bring my professional (yet portable) portrait studio to YOU. Professional studio lighting (always) and backdrops (if needed) are brought to the location you choose. (and if you have no idea where to do them I have plenty of suggestions)

I can also do your portraits in a traditional studio if you choose.

Shooting a family portrait, seniors, children, maternity and other types of portraits to me are more meaningful if done in a familiar environment to the subject. Plus, the beach and other great locations in the area are WAY MORE FUN if you don’t want to do them in or around your home.

I do GREAT beach portraits of ANYTHING. Plus, I also do newborns, maternity, family, seniors, children, corporate heads shots, model portfolios, and many other types of portrait photography.

Having professionally made portraits that you can hang on your walls IS important to those that value them. So, if you’re one of those people, you’ve found the right photographer.

Please look over the new website and keep me in mind for your next portrait.

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Wedding Venues – Where Are You Getting Ready For Your Wedding?

You’ve picked the perfect wedding venue for your ceremony and the perfect wedding venue for your reception. There is no doubt in your mind that “The wedding pictures will be gorgeous!” Have you thought EVERYTHING through? What could possibly go wrong? How could a bit of thought before that day arrives make your wedding pictures even better?

I’ve photographed A LOT of weddings. I’ve worked in most, if not all of the wedding venues. More than 500 in the last 10 years.

From this wedding photographer’s viewpoint, the time before the wedding ceremony is “the golden hour”. This is a time where the bride and groom haven’t been sucked up into the maelstrom of the wedding day ….. yet.

It often yields some of THE BEST WEDDING PICTURES of the day.

Putting some thought into the getting ready venue can be just as important as the ceremony and reception venue, especially if you plan on a complete day of documentary wedding coverage. Putting all the girls in one barren room with bad lighting, no mirrors, no decor, no flowers, no place to hide all of the “things” that make their way into a dressing room makes taking a decent photo of a VERY IMPORTANT part of the day nearly impossible.

Having a well thought out location to get ready for your wedding will pay dividends in AMAZING photos.

Have your bridesmaids get dressed first then make sure all of their “civilian clothes” are tucked away out of sight. They, they can assist you, the photos will be great, and you’ll have a nice location to get some great shots of you alone, with your besties, your parents, siblings, and all that good stuff. BEFORE you get sucked into the maelstrom of the wedding day. (this happens the moment your big toe touches the very end of the aisle at the start of the processional).

So, do yourself a favor. Put as much thought into where you’re getting ready as you do into picking your ceremony and reception venue.

Here are some getting ready photos in local wedding venues below.

Contact Me Now by clicking here if you’d like more information about my wedding photography services in Hampton Roads which includes Virginia Beach, Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Sandbridge, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, Richmond, and the Outer Banks. If you’re not in the local area, no problem, I travel often to shoot weddings.

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Tip #1 – Ditch The “Wedding Checklist”

If you’ve hired a seasoned professional photographer who’s style you love, let them do what they do best. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been hired by couples who LOVED my style of coverage (which is primarily photojournalism), who then handed my a multi page “wedding checklist” of shots to be taken.

Absolutely do a checklist if you have very specific group photos in mind, or very special people or things at your wedding that you MUST have a specific way.

But, part of what you fell in love with about the style of your photographer isn’t the end result (which is the capture). It’s experience, anticipation, understanding of light, stealth, speed, creativity, people skills, and a slew of other qualities that a wedding checklist list defeats.

With an extensive wedding checklist, you’re asking your photographer to paint by numbers rather than give you an original work of art.

Trust your photographer to be creative. That’s what we do (if we’re any good).

Tip #2 – Have an “UNPLUGGED Ceremony”

THIS should be on your wedding checklist.

Having an UNPLUGGED Wedding Ceremony is one of the greatest gifts you can give to EACH OTHER on your wedding day. They are AMAZING!

Make signs, put it on your invitations, have your celebrant announce it before the ceremony begins, have your ushers politely remind your guests. No cameras, no camera phones, no ipads, nothing electronic in anyone’s hands.

My wife and I did this for our wedding, and it was probably the most profoundly wonderful parts of the whole day. Being able to look out at everyone there to witness your ceremony and see nothing but the faces of the people that mean most to you. Nothing in the way. Just human eye contact. Their rapt attention, extremely cool, a memory that we’ll always smile about.

From the perspective of your photographer, that’s a “target rich environment”. Shots of family and friends’ expressions, tears, laughter, emotions, and joy in the periphery of the ceremony are priceless to couples I’ve worked with.

BIG plus. Nobody is going to ruin a shot by being in the way of a moment that will never happen again.

Trust your photographer to “get the shot”. There is no excuse for a professional not to if there isn’t someone or something in the way.

wedding ceremony pictures

Contact Me Now by clicking here if you’d like more information about my wedding photography services in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Sandbridge, Portsmouth, Newport News, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, Richmond, and the Outer Banks. If you’re not in the local area, no problem, I travel often to shoot weddings.

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Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral was the setting for the COMPLETELY memorable off the chain crazy fun Greek Wedding of Sarah and Bill! When I got home from the wedding last night, I STILL had rice IN MY SHOES! (when I shot their exit from the church, I neglected to remember that at some Greek weddings, rice isn’t simply tossed into the air, it’s HURLED with EXTREME force. Needless to say, being that I was trying to navigate my way into the fray as I do, I had it down my shirt (which made it’s way down my pants, and eventually into my shoes), bouncing off my face, camera, arms, details details details) I got a free rice exfoliation! (I was laughing my a$$ off).

Hard to tell this story without writing a book! There was just SO much going on all the time, it’s a good thing I’m extremely quick, and I can anticipate when things are going to happen, because happen they did. I’ve never seen so much cash flying around in the air at a Greek wedding. If the catering staff hadn’t kept up with it, it would have been ankle deep on a really big dance floor.

Even when I was shooting getting ready images at Sarah’s home, all the groomsmen arrived to fill her shoes with money. To say These guys “made it rain” would be an understatement.

This wedding was a TOTAL blast. Sarah a Bill’s wedding was held in it’s entirety at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Granby street in Norfolk. It’s ALWAYS great to see Palette Of Petals doing the floral. I shot Shannon’s wedding (co-owner) a bunch of years ago. She and her sister Mary do a GREAT job. My off the chain AMAZING wife Trish brought Valentine Photo Booth which got a real workout. These folks were obviously photo booth professionals. They had a blast when they weren’t dancing in piles of money. haha

All of the Greek Wedding traditions REALLY made this one a gig I will ALWAYS remember. FANTASTIC couple with 200+ family and friends all there to REALLY celebrate. This wedding was a 10 out of 10. Congratulations Sarah and Bill!

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Norfolk Botanical Gardens was the setting for Kate & Jere’s wedding. The ceremony was scheduled to be in the Renaissance Court, and it was raining off and on. While the rain site was being prepared in the Rotunda, Kate (the bride) made a “hero call’. She had dreamed of the wedding in that garden, and she was going to have it. Rain or no rain. So, I ran to my car, got the rain gear for MY GEAR out of the trunk and got it ready to shoot in the rain. I had Jenn Kelly assisting me at this one, and fortunately I had extra “gear rain gear” for her rigs too. It was a really great ceremony, and while there was a constant drizzle, there were no periods of HEAVY rain during the ceremony. The delay caused by the location flip left us in near darkness after the ceremony, but I was able to pull off a quick wedding party shot by cranking up the ISO and being able to hold my camera still like a tripod (which takes MANY YEARS of practice). Gorgeous wedding! The reception was a barn burner. They had our Photo Booth there and the DJ kept everyone dancing all night long. Our favorite florist Bloom the Art of Flowers did a great job as did Blue Steel lighting design. Baker Hall looked gorgeous. Congratulations to Kate and Jere!

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