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Rebecca and Tye were married at Broad Bay Country Club in Virginia Beach. It’s always a lot of fun to shoot a wedding where you’ve known the couple (even on a very casual basis) for quite some time. Rebecca was the maid of honor at a wedding I shot years ago, and I know the groom as well in a similar way. So, obviously, I recognized many of the guests as well. (makes my job MUCH easier!).

It was a beautiful day and Heidi (the wedding planner) did a great job all around. She was great! Broad Bay Country Club is a great place for a wedding. Rebecca and Tye opted for an outdoor wedding in a huge tent which made for super lighting.

Enjoy the

Broad Bay Country Club Wedding Photos


broad bay country club wedding photo of all guests group photo in heart shapePIN
broad bay country club wedding photo of bride being walked down the aislePIN
broad bay country club wedding photo of bride on the golf coursePIN
broad bay country club wedding photo of the couple on the golf coursePIN
broad bay country club wedding photo of the couple with planner hiedi joyPIN

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Becky and Wick held their wedding at One Fish Two Fish in Virginia Beach. It was a gorgeous day for the couple at this awesome venue. One Fish is one of the the favorite restaurants of MANY Virginia Beach locals. Their food is off the chart good, and the location really cannot be beat. The venue is surrounded by water on 3 sides at the very Western end of Long Bay Pointe Marina.

The ceremony was EXTREMELY challenging to shoot because it was held on the deck with full sun DIRECTLY behind the couple. It was blindingly bright and back lit. Fortunately, I’ve been a wedding photographer for a very long time, and I know how to handle camera settings for a situation like this. (you can see this in the photos below). The sunset was simply jaw dropping this day. (as evidenced by the first shot I decided to show below). Couldn’t really ask for a nicer couple and a better venue. This was pretty much perfect.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this

One Fish Two Fish Wedding

one fish two fish wedding photo of all the couple at sunsetPIN
wedding photo of the bride on the beachPIN
 wedding photo of the ceremonyPIN
 wedding photo of the ceremony exitPIN
 wedding photo of all the guestsPIN
 wedding photo at night at the venuePIN
one fish two fish wedding photo of pulling the tiePIN
one fish two fish wedding photo of sparklers at the exitPIN

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Alison and Patrick got married in the OBX of North Carolina at the Village Beach Club . You’d think that “Hey! What could happen? It’ll be great! Ceremony on the beach, dolphins and pelicans, maybe even a unicorn!”. Well, there’s this thing called RAIN. And we’re not talking about a little rain. We’re talking about a deluge sent by the wedding Gods to remind us humans who’s really in charge.

Here’s a few OBX Wedding Photos of Alison and Patrick. You’ll notice in the first photo that the couple looks like it was about 900 degrees outside. Nope. That is just an extremely WET couple after the rain moved through right before the processional. I have to hand it to Alison. She marched down that beach in the rain like she owned it.

The rainbow was awesome. As you can see in the 3rd photo. I got some great shots during the ceremony with the rainbow in the background of the couple too. (bonus! my cameras were fine!) Enjoy the

OBX Wedding Photos


obx wedding photos rained out ceremonyPIN
obx wedding photo surf in the backgroundPIN
obx wedding photo with a rainbowPIN

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Ashley and Stephen got married at the Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach. What a great wedding! Very fun couple with loads of personality and a guest list full of like minded people that were there to party. I’ve posted a couple of their Lesner Inn Wedding Photos below (but, just a few, in keeping with my vow of brevity!)

I’ve shot AT LEAST 25 weddings at the Lesner Inn in Virginia Beach. I’ve seen that venue mature over the years I’ve worked it and have seen their staff change numerous times. But, the thing that never changes is the charm, or the view from that venue. It’s a great place, with great food from the catering staff, and the sunsets are amazing (but, you have to pick the right time of the year to get the REALLY good ones). If you’d like to see A LOT of Lesner Inn wedding photos, I’ll be happy to show you. Just drop me a line and request to see them.

lesner inn wedding ceremony photoPIN

lesner inn wedding photo after the ceremonyPIN
lesner inn wedding photo during the receptionPIN

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Allison and Niel decided they wanted their engagement photos done in Ghent, that cool little enclave in Norfolk, Virginia. It means something to them, they live there, the places they go together are there, it seemed like a great idea for them. I like it when a couple has an opinion about the location for their engagement session! That’s great! Interesting tidbit of insider information. Niel is one of the owners of the Young Veterens Brewing Company . I hear that products of his work will be making an appearance at the wedding. (*SHOCKER!*) Here are few photos from their engagement session in Ghent.

In keeping with my promise to myself, I’m only going to post a few of my favorites and very few words from the events I publish. I’m a busy guy behind the camera, I don’t want to spend my life behind a computer. Allison and Neil will be having their wedding at The Chrysler Museum of Art which is definitely keeping their wedding within walking distance of their house. Great thinking!

ghent engagement photo near the waterPIN
depth of field shot in ghentPIN
cheesy engagement photo in ghentPIN
sitting in a tree in ghentPIN

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