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When it comes to portrait, beach engagement photos are right up there on my list of favorites. I have 3 favorite locations in Virginia Beach. (and if you hire me as your photographer, I’ll most definitely share those locations with you to let you decide for yourself if you want your photos done at any of them).

Anne and Tripp are most definitely “beach people”. They spend a lot of the warm months firmly planted in the sand at the North end of Virginia Beach. (what we like to call the locals beaches, because most tourists are going to be at the South end near the hotels our of convenience). So, it was no surprise to me that they chose beach engagement photos as the location of choice rather than FLSP or a more urban location. It took a while to get this scheduled, Anne and Tripp are extremely busy people. With the wedding date looming ever so close (they’re getting married at one of my ABSOLUTE favorite venues: The Water Table at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. We finally got a date and time set in stone to knock this out. Heck, it was only 4 days before the wedding! Plenty of time!

Looking for an affordable Virginia Beach photographer to shoot your engagement or wedding photos? I know this guy! Me!

Beach Engagement Photos of Anne and Tripp in Virginia Beach

beach engagement photo on a boat in the sandPIN
beach engagement photo on the bench at 89th stPIN
footprints in the sand engagement photoPIN
virginia beach oceanfront engagement photoPIN
beach engagement photo in the surfPIN

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Superman and Lois Lane you say? This is what I thought out loud to Amy as she was telling me about an idea she and Ben had for their Norfolk engagement photos at Granby High School.
Granby High you say? This is the other thing I thought out loud when Amy picked the location for their engagement session. I have to mention that these two are probably two of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in person. I’m not going to tell you what they do for work, or where they went to school because it’s none of my business to tell anyone, but I couldn’t be more impressed. They are SUPER sweet to each other. (Superman, get it?). Then, there was the time of day the session had to be shot. Really couldn’t do it early in the morning, thousands of students in the background and foreground. Couldn’t do it around sunset, no building access and might get arrested. So, right after school gets out, when the light is not ideal for photos.

I’m always up for a challenge. This session is proof to me that I can shoot REALLY GOOD engagement or wedding photos in a freakin’ parking lot at the wrong time of day with really horrible background elements and still make the photos look good by getting a little crafty with the camera settings, the lighting, and the angles I use.

Amy’s Lois and Clark photo idea came out great. I shot this in a long hallway on the 2nd floor of Granby High School. Amy and Ben are getting married this May, I am looking forward to this one. It’s at The Virginia Zoo

Norfolk Engagement Photos at Granby High

superman and lois lane engagement photoPIN
norfolk engagement photos of amy and benPIN
norfolk engagement photos at granby highPIN
norfolk engagement photos on granby high signPIN
norfolk engagement photos on granby high front stepsPIN

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This was the first time I’d experienced a Keswick Vineyards Wedding. Kate and Shawn had meticulously planned this wedding. Shawn took a much heavier role in the planning than most grooms to be. (and if you read the post about their engagement session, you might remember that he’s the romantic, while Kate is the practical of the pair). Kate picked the location, visiting it while on a wine tasting trip with her lady friends. I’d heard about Keswick, and was pretty excited about being turned loose on this place with my 4 very expensive cameras. I looked at their Facebook Page and read reviews everywhere I could find them. Kate sent me a ton of photo ideas she and Shawn had found around the interwebs, and I went to the Keswick Vineyards Wedding Information Page.

There I read:

Rich in history dating back to the Revolutionary War and Civil War, the land is now home to one of Charlottesville’s most romantic wedding venues, Keswick Vineyards. Nestled in a valley of rolling farmland and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the pristine grounds lend itself as the perfect backdrop for your vineyard wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception or corporate event. Conveniently located in Keswick, VA, just outside of Charlottesville, your guests will have access to numerous hotel options, restaurants and historical locations such as Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Ash Lawn-Highland and the University of Virginia. – quoted directly from their website

So, I was pretty pumped to shoot this wedding obviously. I got in touch with their Wedding Coordinator, Karissa Coffey and let her know my proposed plan to get the photos Kate and Sean wanted done. Karissa was really great to work with.

There’s a lot to be said for word of mouth recommendations. Over the years I’ve been a wedding photographer (and affordable one at that). I’ve been very lucky to have been hired by couples that recommend me to their friends. Kate and Sean’s wedding was no different. Many weddings I shoot are “Bill Murray Photography Alumni Days” for me. I had recently shot Becky and Wick’s wedding at One Fish Two Fish and a few years prior to that I had shot Katie and Joel’s wedding at Aqua on the Eastern Shore. (I’m a very lucky guy).

If you’re looking for an affordable wedding photographer to shoot your wedding at Keswick Vineyards? I’m your guy. Enjoy the photos!

Keswick Vineyards Wedding Photos

bride and groom at keswick vineyards
at the entrance to the vineyards
kate and sean walking the vineyardsPIN
kate at the fountain at KeswickPIN
ceremony at Keswick with mountains in the backgroundPIN
kiss after the ceremonyPIN
wedding party photo at keswick vineyardsPIN
couple jumps for joy at keswick vineyardsPIN
sean lifts kate with mountains in the backgroundPIN
bike photo at keswick
riding bikes at keswickPIN
first dance photo at keswickPIN
first dance in colorPIN
backlit wedding photo at keswickPIN
sparkler exit at keswick vineyards for the bride and groomPIN

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Sandbridge is a great place for a wedding in Virginia Beach. If you’re planning a wedding and want an informal vibe, toes in the sand, tons of options, great views, swimming pools at the reception, this is the place to go. Lauren and Kurt held their wedding at the South end of Sandbridge in a great big rental house right on the beach. Like any outdoor wedding, you have to roll the dice with the weather. And, this day, the weather wasn’t ideal. But, when you think about it, the most important thing is what you’re there for, not the presence of liquid sunshine and some wicked winds. (but, those definitely play a factor in outdoor wedding photos) 😉

I could tell from their engagement session that Lauren and Kurt were pretty easy breezy, and this was a great attribute to have on a day where meltdown potential was in the cards due to the weather. But, everything turned out fantastic. I’ve always though it true that it’s not what you can get out a party, it’s what you bring to the party that’s most important. These two came to get married and to have their families and friends witness it. That happened, and it was great! Enjoy the photos!

Sandbridge Wedding Photos of Lauren and Kurt

lauren putting her jewelry onPIN
wedding first kiss photoPIN
sandbridge wedding couple feet in the sandPIN
wedding photo in the sandbridge dunesPIN
wedding ringsPIN
bride smashes cake in grooms facePIN
stormy day in Sandbridge at the weddingPIN
Sparklers for bride and groom exit in SandbridgePIN

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Lauren and Kurt are one of those couples that inspire you to laugh. A lot. Easy and breezy, seeing the irony in everything, and not afraid to express it. Good times! They hired me as their photographer a bit later in the planning process than most, and were getting married in a few weeks. They asked for suggestions on locations for engagement photos, I have them a bunch of choices, and they decided on First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.

Engagement photos don’t have to have a “formal” look. You can see by Lauren and Kurt’s photos that we’re talking throughout the shoot, and I’m simply catching their expressions. This takes practice, don’t get me wrong, it’s not “easy” on the photographer’s side of the camera, but if done right? Good stuff.

They’re having their wedding at a great big house on the beach in Sandbridge later in the month. (in a few weeks, and they’ll probably be my next blog post!_

Engagement Photos in First Landing State Park: Lauren and Kurt

engagement photo in first landing state park wetlandsPIN
lauren and kurt engagement photos in first landing state parkPIN
engagement photos couple laughingPIN
engagement photos couple on the beach at flspPIN
pullback engagement photo in first landing state parkPIN

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