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Norfolk wedding ceremony photos? Why such a generic title? Well, Joiceann and Alex booked me to shoot their wedding aboard the Spirit of Norfolk and I assumed that meant an entire, normal, traditional treatment of a wedding. I didn’t find out till later that they planned to elope a few days before the WEDDING (stay with me) on the Spirit of Norfolk. They wanted their LEGAL ceremony to be private, just them and the celebrant. (I’m a sucker for romanticism so I think this is awesome). A week or two before the wedding, they asked me if I would come out and shoot their private ceremony which they planned to have at Nauticus, in front of the Mermaid at the Half Moone Center. I was honored! I would get to be the only witness, the only observer, and I get to bring a bunch of cameras too! I cleared my schedule for that morning and agreed (of course!). Sounds perfect, right? Everything about it was perfect, even though it was raining, and cold.

Rain or shine, the Nauticus, Half Moone, Battleship Wisconsin, Town Point Park area of Norfolk was perfect for the Norfolk wedding ceremony photos I shot of Joiceann and Alex. What a super cool couple! Really looking forward to their “Wedding” in just 5 days! I bet that they’ll have bright blue skies and calm winds for their wedding celebration on the Spirit of Norfolk!

Norfolk Wedding Ceremony Photos of Joiceann and Alex – Half Moone – Nauticus – Town Point Park – Battleship Wisconsin

couple walking to the ceremonyPIN
wedding ceremony photo in front of the half moone centerPIN
ring exchange photo in norfolkPIN
ring exchange photo at nauticusPIN
ceremony kiss photo in norfolkPIN
wedding photo after the ceremony town point parkPIN
wedding photo after the ceremony half moone centerPIN
wedding photo after the ceremony battleship wisconsinPIN
post ceremony rice toss at nauticusPIN

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There’s no reason why beach portraits in Virginia Beach can’t be affordable. Having affordable beach portraits puts these family heirlooms in the price range of anyone. You just need to find a good, experienced photographer that charges a rate you can afford. Look no further! You’ve found him! My work is great, and my prices are affordable.

I shot Diane and Sean’s wedding back in 2011 at Star of the Sea and reception at The Water Table in Virginia Beach. (Click here to view some of their wedding photos and the write-up from their wedding). It’s truly been great to stay in touch with them and to watch them start a family of their own. Watch Sean’s career take off and see Diane become an amazing Mom as well as athlete. They were coming back into town with kids in tow and wanted to have their first family portrait session on the beach. I was both honored and thrilled that they asked me to do it!

Working with very young ones can be challenging unless you have the right tools. So, I brought Trish along with me, and she brought some bubbles. Problem solved! While shooting the session with young ones it’s also important to break it up and take LOTS of short breaks. Diversions. This is where I attempt to show off my extremely amateur marine biologist chops in teaching what the various organisms are that wash up on the beach. (it’s pretty funny, trust me)

Pictures came out great! Best of all we got to see these delightful people in person again!

I swear the first photo displayed below should be on a greeting card. It’s a classic, captured moment that will never happen again the same way.

Affordable Beach Portraits shot in Virginia Beach

affordable beach portrait that should be a postcardPIN
affordable beach portrait of the whole family with surf in the backgroundPIN
affordable beach portrait of the whole family with dunes in the backgroundPIN

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Lizzie and Jeff are getting married at The Water Table so we all know they have great taste, and they must like being near the water. No surprise to me that they chose to have beach engagement photos done at the North End of Virginia Beach. At first the couple considered doing their session in DC, but after learning of the fees and the hassles of shooting around the monuments, they decided on a much simpler approach. Even with 3 outfit changes right there on the beach, we were able to get this session knocked out in around 90 minutes. (I’m both affordable, and fast!)

She likes the Cardinals, he likes the Cubs (good choice this year!), they both like Virginia Tech. She can do really good hand stands even in the sand, and he finds that extremely entertaining (I didn’t put any of those photos up here in this post, but they’re great!) They BOTH like beach engagement photos.

Looking forward to shooting this wedding, this couple is fun!

Beach Engagement Photos of Lizzie and Jeff : Virginia Beach

beach engagment photo in the dunesPIN
beach engagement photo virginia tech shirtsPIN
beach engagement photo cardinals versus cubsPIN
beach engagement photo with attitudePIN
beach engagement photo in the surfPIN

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Joiceann and Alex chose Norfolk Botanical Gardens as the location for their engagement photos. I’d been in contact with this couple for a good long while, and they currently live out of town, so they made quite a drive to do this engagement session. I’ve shot countless engagement sessions and weddings at the Botanical Gardens. It’s a great place with countless photo options. I’ve been a preferred vendor there for many years. I’m just not too crazy about the shoot fee they charge to do portrait sessions out there. It’s the only outdoor location in this region that charges a shoot fee. So, I often suggest other locations that offer scenery just a good (without the jet noise from the airport as well), and free. (even better).

Trish assisted me on this shoot because the only time slot we could get for the session was smack in the middle of the day. So, I needed an assistant to scrim the sun off the couple if we were going to be able to use the locations they had in mind at the Botanical Gardens. ANYWAY! Joyceanne and Alex are a super cute couple, and they could have taken great photos in a parking lot. It’s always fun getting to know couples during engagement shoots and seeing what presses their buttons.

For instance, Joiceann really wanted a photo of Alex dipping her. Naturally, Alex wasn’t crazy about it because he didn’t know how. So, it was fun for Trish and I to do a bunch of demonstrations to show him “how it’s done”. Pretty funny stuff. You’ll see below, that he caught on very quickly!

Enjoy the photos!

Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement Photos of Joiceann and Alex

great dip photo at the botanical gardensPINbotanical gardens engagement photo on the bridgePINbotanical gardens engagement photo in the japanese gardenPIN

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This wedding was fantastic. It goes without saying that Anne and Tripp are a very cool couple. Like them from the moment I met them. But, their families and friends were awesome, truly stellar group of people ready to celebrate. Then, the holy trinity of awesomeness with a kicker. 1. One of my very favorite wedding venues. The Water Table (where my wife Trish and I got married). 2. One of my very favorite caterers was working this wedding. Chef by Design Catering (Marcy and John are 10s out of 10) 3. My absolute favorite local band was playing the wedding reception. The Deloreans 80s Band (Melanie and her band could make a dead guy dance). AND the kicker? My lovely wife Trish was assisting me! (she’s a GREAT photo assistant).

I’m an affordable photographer with A LOT of experience. Taking wedding photos at The Water Table is easy. It’s a great location with lots of variety. Anne and Tripp were definitely there to celebrate, and that particular mission was EXTREMELY successful. The venue was gorgeous (The Water Table), the food was great and the booze was flowing (thanks to Chef By Design catering and their crew), and the music was off the chain (thanks to The Deloreans 80s Band). AND, Trish was with me helping all day and night. (which always makes a great thing even better if that’s possible).

If you’re looking for an affordable photographer to take your wedding photos at the Water Table drop me a line!

Enjoy the photos! The shot of the flower girl covering her eyes during the first kiss at the ceremony cracks me up!

Water Table Wedding Photos of Anne and Tripp

the water table at rudee inletPIN
wedding ceremony photo at the water tablePIN
flower girl covers her eyes at kiss during ceremonyPIN
bridal party photo at the water tablePIN
bride and groom with son at the water tablePIN
bride and groom on the dock at rudee inletPIN
groom cracks up at water tablePIN
anne and tripp on the water PIN
first dance at the water tablePIN
the deloreans at the water tablePIN
wedding rings in an oyster shellPIN
girls on the stage at the water table with deloreansPIN
groom at the water table with deloreansPIN
bride and groom at the water tablePIN
the deloreans and the couple at the water tablePIN

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